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It's always a good idea to do a random google search on yourself or the search terms you want people to find you with. In doing so to test a client's SEO, I was delighted to find him at the top of the rankings!...

We've been to our fair share of website planning meetings, and it's safe to say at least 95% of people aren't prepared for how much work it is for THEM.  Of course, we want to make everything run smoothly for you, on time and on...

We always advise people that they should have photos of their key staff or team members on their About or Team page.  When somebody lands on your website, they want to see who they will be doing business with.  Using analytics, we are able to...

It may seem obvious, but for some reason, it's the most overlooked item when planning a new website. CONTENT Content is literally everything that is going to be displayed on your website, broadly speaking, it's the images and words that make up the pages. While I am...

We are delighted to present this fun little promotional video we created for our friends over at Uriah Marketing in Lynn Ma.  Jonathan is the KING of Social Media Marketing and needed a series of videos for his targeted ad campaign and landing pages. There is...

"Content is king." How many times have you heard THAT! Content comes in many forms: blogs/tips/articles/news video artwork specials/promotions But, my god, who has time to do all that!?  We feel ya' - we're in the same boat.  We're all busy DOING our business, so it's hard to...

I've written about this before and I have to do it again because the hosting company I use has made a change that is causing some confusion for everyone. How to download your images Use the link I emailed you to find your image folders.  If...